Son del Nene (CU)

El Nene, whose real name is Pedro Lugo Martinez, boasts an unsurpassed, powerful and melancholic singing voice. On stage he is like a younger version of world-famous Ibrahim Ferrer (Buena Vista Social Club), and they are uncannily similar not only in in looks. He learned...


Soneros de Verdad (CU)

Authentic, soulful and rhythmically: Soneros de Verdad take their audience on a journey through the musical diversity of Cuba. They call themselves the second generation of the Buena Vista Social Club – and they do that for good reason. Legendary Pio Leyva (Buena Vista Social...


Los Dos Y Companeros (DE)

The „Salsa revolutionaries“ have been touring the land for over 15 years. That has not only positioned these dialect-exotics in the Cuban radio (hit parade at Nr. 4), but also has them perform at some of the most important music festivals such as Jazz Festival...


LaSmala Banda (CL)

LaSmala Banda’s show is, most of all, a big “fiesta” in which we dance until exhaustion. Ska, rumba, salsa, cumbia, reggae, hip hop, mystery of tango and nostalgy of bolero are part of this trip into thousands of origins. This 10 musicians orchestra brought the...


One Night of Buena Vista (CU)

Luis Frank is one of the great names of the second generation of the Buena Vista Social Club. Together with his fellow musicians, he has dedicated himself to taking son cubano beyond the borders of his own country out into the rest of the world,...


Mayito Rivera (CU)

The Voice of Cuba‘s most famous Band – Los Van Van Without a doubt, Mario “Mayito“ Rivera, ”El Poeta de la Rumba”, is one of the five leading Cuban vocalists worldwide! For more than 20 years he has been the unmistakable voice and face of...


Cuban Beats All Stars (CU)

Cool urban beats, in-your-face rap, energizing hip hop, and much more, all fused with the classic sounds of Cuba and packed into powerful electronic mixes by the multiple prizewinning DJ Jesus Molina… Since releasing its debut album, La Receta (published by Termidor), in 2015, the...


(Deutsch) Seelos Orchester (DE)

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Luis Frank Arias

Luis Frank ist Meister des Son Cubano. Er beherrscht die gefühlsbetonte kubanische Musik wie kein anderer. Luis Frank war lange Zeit bei allen weltweiten Konzerten an der Seite des „großen“ Compay Segundo (Buena Vista Social Club). Zwei Jahre steuerte er die Leadstimme zu den Afro-Cuban...