Grand Slam (DE /USA)

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Back to the future: Grand Slam is travelling through space and time. The 10 funkateers have been cooking their funky stew since 1985. Deeply rooted in the P-Funk and Soul tradition these musicians are well-known to throw a fair amount of extra spices like Rock, HipHop and Jazz in their Funk-Pot, to create a very much original and unmistakable sound. Over 500 successful concerts in 12 European countries is an undeniable record for one of Europe`s prime funk-acts.

On their new Album “Funk Cruisin` – The neverending Voyage” Grand Slam take a look back on their outstanding career and rearranged and remixed some of their greatest songs. They also recorded 5 new Songs which are State of The Art Funk. 80ies Electrosounds meets Daft Punks Disco Funk. Vocoder and Talkboxsound meets Raps and Cuts. All held together with a distinctive Clinton/Collins Attitude.

On a regular basis Grand Slam is working with P-Funk OG`s like Lige Curry (P-Funk All Stars), Rick Gardner (Parliament-Funkadelic) or extraordinaire vocalist Gary “Mudbone” Cooper. The original frontground voice of Bootsy`s Rubber Band and lead vocalist of George Clinton`s P-Funk Allstars and Parliament-Funkadelic has been part of more than 400 album productions as singer, drummer, arranger, writer and producer. Recent works include stage and studio hints with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, A Tribe called Quest, Maceo Parker, Pink, to name a few.

Another heavily featured guest artist on ”Funk Cruisin`- The neverending Voyage” is Cologne`s own Talkbox King Funkmaster Ozone who is working on 4 Songs.

Attached to the Album comes a live DVD of a full concert Grand Slam recorded at legendary Club “Conrad Sohm” in Dornbirn, Austria in May 2016.

The first Video “Get on down” is going to be released before the album drops on July 7th, right before Grand Slam go timetravelling trough the P-Funk Universe with Gary “Mudbone” Cooper in late September. They´re guaranteed to rock the house with an all new show, featuring their bestknown hits, brandnew material as well as P-Funk and related classics form Mudbone Cooper`s career. It`s going to be “one nation under a groove”!