(Deutsch) Hans-Martin Stier und die Shipping Company

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60.000 Seemeilen Geschichten und Musik

Hans-Martin Stier with autobiographical and musical anecdotes from his life. His face is just as memorable as his voice: Hans-Martin Stier numbers among the most charismatic German character actors of our time. He is chiefly known for his film, TV and theatre productions such as “Tatort”, “Hausmeister Krause” and “Himmel über Berlin”. In addition to this, he has always been a passionate musician (successful with the “Törner Stier Crew” and “Stier”). But that is not all, because this TV star is a writer as well. Namely stories in which he plays the leading role: Stier reads autobiographical anecdotes from the pages of his life. What makes this so special is that he is not only totally captivating as he reads and narrates with his charismatic voice, but that the whole performance is accompanied by live music.