The Ballroomshakers (DE)

03 Ballroomshakers_Presse

The Swing-Thing with the Jive-Drive

Gripping, electrifying and loaded with energy – for fourteen years now, the “Ballroomshakers” have been enthralling their audiences with their shows.

True to the original style of the 40’s and 50’s, the music has been “dusted off” and brought virtuously on stage. For it is not the intention of the Ballroomshakers to pay pure homage to the past, but rather to present the principle of Rock‘n’Roll in the here and now. And so, the keen Five accomplish effortlessly to bring the relevancy of Swing, R&B and the Rock‘n’Roll era to modern times.

The female vocalist ‘Annie’ (Anja Hackl) provides for the genuine glamour of the 50’s and with the Saxophonist, Angelika Traurig, there is an additional female on board to thouroughly boost the Trio of men: Pelzner, Schmidt and  Hirschmann.

It’s common knowledge that this wild quintet is a very hot act on stage, so take out your dancing shoes ´cause it’s going to get very hot!!!!!


“Swing with Bigband-Sound of the 40s.”