LaSmala Banda (CL)


LaSmala Banda’s show is, most of all, a big “fiesta” in which we dance until exhaustion. Ska, rumba, salsa, cumbia, reggae, hip hop, mystery of tango and nostalgy of bolero are part of this trip into thousands of origins.

This 10 musicians orchestra brought the experience to all kinds of publics, from the youngest to the oldest, from Chile to France, making more than 400 venues and festivals dance. During the 2016 “Vayven” tour, LaSmala Banda  navigated throught Europe and its most different corners, from the “Théâtre de France”, in an intimate ambiance, to “Les Jeudis Du Port” in Brest, in front of 10 000 people.

Three complementary songwriters. Carlos Lobo comes from the gypsy suburbs of Andalusia, cradle of flamenco. He is supported by the lyrical voice of Andrea Zarate, Chilean singer ; and Alexis Goulene, « ragga-man », hip hop MC and beatboxer. A trio of various origins which shapes a singular unit rich of shades, in a unique identity.

An explosive instrumental assembly A duo of percussionist make up a hybrid set of drums, made of different percussions: cajon, congas, timbals, …

A block of wind instruments with both latin and clasical tunes oscillates between smooth melodies and possessed mambos. The keys, the accordion, the bass and the guitars are instruments completing the orchestra, giving shape and body to this « Latino-explosive Fusion » which is LaSmala Banda.