Pedrito Calvo

Pedrito Calvo is a particularly charismatic front man and certainly Cuba’s most important singer. He was for a long time one of the central figures of the world’s most famous Cuban band Los Van Van. For over 20 years they toured together very successfully around the world and conceded several prizes. The singer separated from Los Van Van and since then has been so successful with his own projects that they have become indispensable in the playlists of Latin-lovers.

In the summer of 2020, he will be touring Europe with an outstanding eight-piece band and a brand-new CD.

Line up
Pedrito Calvo / Lead vocals
William Borrego Rodriguez / Trombone, vocals
Lázaro Dilout / Trumpet, vocals
Nicolás Sirgado / Bass, vocals
Herber Méndez / Piano, vocals
Querol Aldana / Tres Cubano, vocals
Vivo Barrera / Congas
Fabián Sirgado / Timbales, vocals

After his first TV appearance in 1957 in Cuba, Pedrito Calvo first worked as a singer in the orchestra of his father. Juan Formell, the bandleader of Los Van Van, Cuba’s best-known orchestra, became aware of him and hired him as a lead singer. This commitment took 30 years, in which Pedrito recorded with Van Van with more than 500 titles and made him a legend in his lifetime. Numerous recordings are still among the most well-known Latin songs, not only in the world-wide Latin community. In 2001, Pedrito received a Grammy in the category “Best Salsa Performance” for his performance on the Van Van CD “LLego la Hora”.

In 2001, he left Los Van Van first with the Afro Cuban All Stars, whose director was Juan de Marcos, the founder of the Buena Vista Social Club, to make CD recordings and tours. After this collaboration, he founded his own orchestra: Pedrito Calvo y la Nueva Justicia.

In 2014 he recorded with the Italian pop star Zucchero the successful title “Asi Celeste” and gave many concerts together with him.