Sekou Kouyate (RG)

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The Multiawarded Guinean Kora Virtuoso!

The multi Award winning Guinean Kora virtuoso, singer and composer, Sekou Kouyate, is considered among the world’s finest Kora players. He set new standards for West African traditional music to enter the stages of contemporary music. He invented the electrified kora at the amazing age of 12, and went on to pioneer the sound with Wa Wa pedals, fast riffs, experimental distortions and funk, rock, afro pop and jazz-influenced playing. Yet preserving the virtues and techniques of the beautiful instrument, and the knowledge he has proudly inherited from his father, M´Bady Kouyate, and while you know it’s still a Kora, the things he does with it, turn it on its head; it’s little wonder he’s been called the Jimi Hendrix of the instrument. The sound becomes totally new, exciting waterfalls of notes that are palpably thrilling. Kouyate has been called a “Musical Genius” and “The most exiting musician to have come out of the New Generation of the African Continent”

„Sekou Kouyate is one of Africa’smost exhilarating Kora players.“
Robin Denselow
, The Guardian


Sekou Kouyate
The music is a groovy, warm mix of classical Mandingo, and details of Blues, Soul, Jazz, Flamenco and Afro Pop.In short, Sekou Kouyate has created a music style of its own. His fine, soulful voice & extraordinary playing has inspired a whole new generation of Kora players and earned him several Awards. Kouyate’s New album ‘Sabaru’ was nominated for Afrima Awards 2015 & is on the Top Ten list of World Music Charts Europe, Transglobal World Music Chart Top 20, & Global Village Top 40. In October Sekou Kouyate won the ‘Gold Medal’ from Global Music Awards.