The Les Clöchards (DE)

The Rock‘n‘Roll Music Comedy surprise from the small island

The show band „The Les Clöchards“ – that’s fife part-time hoboes bubbling with musicality, charm, folly, daring dance performances, facial and instrumental acrobatics, a drum kit made of trash, granny’s home organ, a dented metal guitar, a contrabass with holes in it and an outrageous dress sense when it comes to suits.

The band is originally from a small island close to Corsica. In 1949 the parttime hoboes left their French home country and declared their categorical will to succeed as a world-famous rock band. Is this really a true story? Well, we can at least safely say that they have not reached international fame so far.

So this is how the story continues: after several years as street musicians on boulevards in the South of France and selling an estimated 50,000 records, these five lousy boys exchanged the street for a stage and have already given countless concerts all over the world.

“No, this is by no means one of these bog standard cover bands. These boys have created their own myth with the intention of taking advantage of some of their favourite hits.”

Background Information

The Les Clöchards – that’s fife educated Jazz musicians from Germany. The band was founded as a street music act in 2006 and toured in the South of Europe for two years. All band members act as Corsican part-time homeless. In this disguise they scoop up more or less well known songs and arrange them in new and original ways. The spectators can expect an (unplugged) concert full of funny comedy elements – a hit with mainstream audiences, lovers of Pop, Rock and alternative music and families as well as beer drinkers and dancers.