Style: Rock

Origin: Germany

Resident: Germany
Travel Party: 5 musicians + 1 crew

Line Up

Markus Engelstaedter / vocals
Hermann “Sherry” Trautner / guitar / vocals
Bernd Meyer / keyboards / vocals
Thomas Wildenauer / bass / vocals
Gerwin Eisenhauer / drums

The Magic of Queen

One of the best Queenperformer in Europe: Markus Engelstaedter

Like no other band, QUEEN, with its charismatic frontman Freddie Mercury, stood for great entertainment, incredible stage presence and uncompromising devotion. In November 1991, Freddie Mercury left the grand stage of life, leaving behind a grandiose musical heritage.

For years the singer Markus Engelstaedter with his 4 octave voice has been one of the best queen interpreters in Europe among the public and the press. His extensive vocal potential and his impressive stage presence are the perfect conditions to interpret the opulent rock songs and poignant ballads of QUEEN in a sophisticated and independent way.

Engelstaedter & Band bring the incomparable Queen sound to the stage with energy and present the great songs of QUEEN with emotion, musicality and own charisma.

THE MAGIC OF QUEEN revives the unforgettable spirit of the legendary QUEEN concerts in a spectacular stage show and is a unique musical tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

A fantastic show!
An unforgettable experience!

This production is available in two sizes / formats:
a) “The Magic of Queen” – as a pure band
b) “The Magic of Queen Classic” with a classic orchestra


Date Country City Venue Info Link
Fr. 18.09.20 Germany Ansbach Kammerspiele
Th. 24.09.20 Germany Bad Füssing Kulturfestival
Mo. 05.10.20 Germany Geretsried Zulturzelt
Fr. 30.10.20 Germany Buchholz Empore
Mo. 16.11.20 Germany Erlangen E-Werk
Tu. 29.12.20 Germany Kappelrodeck Vaya Casa
Fr. 08.01.21 Germany Rothenburg KKK Kunst Kultur Korn
Sa. 09.01.21 Germany Salzgitter Kundenhalle
Su. 31.01.21 Poland Wrocław Impart Art Centre
Sa. 20.03.21 Germany Offenberg Schloss Offenberg
Sa. 03.07.21 Austria Leonding Stadtplatz
Sa. 10.07.21 Germany Berlin Freilichtbühne a.d. Zitadelle
Fr. 24.09.21 Germany Dürrlauingen Kunst und Kultur Mindelaltheim
Sa. 05.02.22 Germany Selb Rosenthal Theater