Style: Worldmusic, Forro, Folk

Origin: Brazil, Belgium

Resident: Brazil, Belgium
Travel Party: 9 musicians + 2 crew

Line Up

Nino Karvan: vocal
Dudu Prudente: Perc. & Drums
Gwenaël Francotte: Perc. & Drums
Julien de Borman: Accordion
Julio Rêgo: harmonica
Matthieu Chemin: Bass
Martin Kersten: Sax. & Pífano flute
Pedro Mendonça: Perc. & Pfíano flute
Sébastien Willemyns: Keys. & Violin


Anavantou’s music is inspired both by Brazilian Northeast forró rythms and Belgian surrealism, and turns out to be a surprising explosive and festive transatlantic cultural dialogue.

The musical collective Anavantou was formed in 2013 on the initiative of Belgian music producer Damien Chemin and Brazilian musician Dudu Prudente. Seeking a way to bring their cultures closer together through music, they proposed the meeting between the percussive group Membrana and the singer Nino Karvan both from the State of Sergipe in Brazil, and the Belgian instrumental group Turdus Philomelos. All nine artists already had in common a work focused on traditional sounds of their respective regions but always integrating the use of contemporary elements.

The name « Anavantou ! » comes from a creole transformation of the French « En avant toute ! » inherited from the French colonization in the Northeast of Brazil. It is used to direct dances during traditional forró balls. It expresses the hybrid identity of the band which proposes an unconventional encounter between zabumba, triangle, saxophone, diatonic accordion, harmonica, violin, organ and bass to form the ensemble’s own sonority.

The first shows happened in 2013 in Belgium, essentially in Brussels and Liège. In the summer of 2014, the band toured Brazil, France and Belgium, appearing in some important festivals such as Esperanzah (BE), Copacobana (BE), Fiest’à Sète (FR) and Précaju (BR). In the same year the band recorded an EP album at Studio Ori in Aracaju and a live DVD which shows the playful attitude of the musicians who naturally takes the audience to dance in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

Their recent debut album “Brincantes” released in 2017 by Cyprès Records gained excellent reviews in Songlines, fROOTS and other magazines and music blogs as well as entering diverse world music playlists and radio shows. The album presents mainly original compositions by the band and a few pieces of the folk repertoire. The group’s playful and festive approach unfolds freely thanks to the energy and original arrangements of the musicians in collaboration with musical director David Bovée (leader of the Belgian band Think of One and current guitarist of the Brazilian singer CéU). The album also features singer Dona Nadir, one of the greatest voices of the traditional music of the Sergipe region, as well as the astonishing pifano flutes group Os Vitos. The band is on tour to present their album in 2018.