Style: Latin, Worldmusic, Musiccomedy

Origin: Germany, Cuba

Based in: Germany, Cuba
Travel party: 9 musicians + 1 crew

Line Up

Don Michon / Vocal
El Maxito / Vocal, Clave
William Borrego Rodriguez / Vocal, Trombone
Lázaro Dilout / Trumpet, Vocal
Nicolás Sirgado / Bass, Vocal
Herber Méndez/ Piano, Vocal
Querol Aldana / Guitar / Tres, Vocal
Vivo Barrera / Percussion
Fabián Sirgado / Congas, Vocal

Los Dos Y Companeros

A unique musical fusion of German / Bavarian and Cuban cultures

The „Salsa revolutionaries“ have been touring the land for over 20 years. That has not only positioned these dialect-exotics in the Cuban radio (hit parade at Nr. 4), but also has them perform at some of the most important music festivals such as Jazz Festival Montreux, Jazz an der Donau (Straubing), Tollwood Festival (Munich) and the German cult TV show „Ina’s Nacht“. In 2007 the band has been voted „best bavarian band“ at the CREOLE World Music Competition.

The band easily performs the split between authentic Latin music and the ‚down to earth’ bavarian way of life, which has gained them recognition in the cuban scene. It has lead to CD coproductions between Cuba and Bavaria with Luis Frank Arias (Buena Vista Social Club).

The lyrics of the „Salsa guerilleros“ are humorous, full of double entendres and musically presented with highest standards. All of that is spiced up with an entertaining live performance, in which the Compañeros are not taking themselves too seriously.

This is how the 11 musicians have played themselves into the hearts of their audiences far beyond the bavarian borders.

…and what if they don’t understand Bavarian?“

Doesn’t matter, they don’t understand Spanish neither!


Date Country City Venue Info Link
Tu. 10.08.21 Germany Wunsiedel Luisenburg-Festspiele