I Dolci Signori (IT / DE)


Passion, emotion and Italian music

Italy, the enjoyment of life’s pleasures, the Mediterranean Sea, the music and la Dolce Vita: I Dolci Signori combines this feeling within their songs. Theese six “sugar-sweet” boys know how to make their audience experience the glowing red Adriatic sunset, the most delicious espresso after crossing the Alps and a romantic gondola ride away from the Canale Grande even though they are still at home.


The ingredients for the I Dolci Signori show are Southern Italian joy of life seasoned with the just right amount of passion, romantic feeling, charisma and the love of life. This means an awesome mixture of Italopop classics, tasteful original compositions from the successful CDs “Attenzione” (2003), “Fermare il tempo” (2009) and „Un po`di … noi!“ (2014) as well as surprising arrangements of Italo evergreens and the latest hits.


Musica, passione, emozione – that’s exactly what Rocky Verardo and Gianni Carrera, the two singers from Southern Italy, have been celebrating together with four internationally successful top musicians in their own inimitable way. It is not without reason that the six signori are considered to be Germany’s most successful Italoshow, that they enthuse their audience between Hamburg and Milano, Sylt and Zermatt, Mediterranean and North Sea every year during their extensive summer concert tours, and that they pride themselves on excellent references concerning performances open air, in concert halls, on events and galas all over Europe and with Abu Dhabi way beyond European borders:



“Passione, emozioni e musica italiana – they are exactly like excellent cuvée: Superb in the mixture and matured for a perfect period of time. An evening of the very finest entertainment.”