One Night of Buena Vista (CU)



Luis Frank is one of the great names from the second generation of the Buena Vista Social Club. Together with his fellow musicians, he has dedicated himself to the mission of taking son cubano beyond the borders of his country and out into the world, to keep Cuba’s musical heritage alive. He has already enjoyed fabulous success both in Europe and in the US. Thanks to his authentic manner this fantastic singer captivates his audience and takes them on a musical trip around Cuba – with all its different facets.

Luis Frank has a command of sentimental Cuban music like no other musician!

One of Luis Frank‘s favorite projects is his duo, the “Sons of Buena Vista”. You can hear and see the man himself, with his unmistakable voice, performing with the greatest Cuban pianists of our time. “One Night of Buena Vista” has a vast repertoire. Listeners can look forward to an exciting mixture of different styles, beginning from traditional son Cubano to guaracha and to cha-cha-cha, danzon, bolero and much more. Each musician adds spontaneous performances in between: one of the great highlights of this album.

For many years, Luis Frank went on tour with the world-famous pianist Gonzalez Rubalcaba. Now he has also succeeded in winning over another star of the Cuban musical scene to join him: David Alfaro!

David Alfaro’s great talent is his ability to improvise and his inimitable dexterity. Combining the old with the new is something he masters like no other. Together with Luis Frank he performs the loveliest Cuban classics with his unique charm, and also world-famous piano hits such as “As time goes by”.

One Night of Buena Vista” will guarantee you a fantastic evening of music with real Cuban stars. This is a delightfully entertaining musical journey through old Cuba.



Luis Frank

Luis Frank Arias (Vocals)
For a long time, he could be heard and seen in stage performances around the world alongside the “great” Compay Segundo (Buena Vista Social Club). His was the leading voice of the Afro Cuban All Stars and of Juan de Marcos González (bandleader and founder of the Buena Vista Social Club). He reached the pinnacle of his career in 2004 when he appeared in Wim Wenders’ movie “Musica Cubana” and the accompanying soundtrack. Soneros de Verdad, the ensemble led by Luis Frank and founded by Luis Frank and Pio Leyva (Buena Vista Social Club) gave a sparkling performance on the albums “A Buena Vista: Barrio De La Habana” and “El Run Run De Los Soneros” – with contemporary arrangements of beloved classics. With them he won the 2003 German Jazz Prize and has sold more than 500,000 albums.

David Alfaro (Piano)
David Alfaro began playing the piano at the tender age of nine, and studied at the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Instructores de Arte in Havana, Cuba. He then went on numerous concert tours inside Cuba. His international career began with the “Orquestra Sonoridad”. Together with Juan de Marcos Gonzalez (who founded the Buena Vista Social Club) David achieved world fame in the late 1990s. With the Buena Vista Social Club and with Juan de Marco’s orchestra, the Afro Cuban All Stars (>>click here to see them live) he toured the whole world. From Sydney Opera House to the BB King Club in New York, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland or the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland, to the Auditorio Nacional de Mexico, he has played on all the great stages of the world. This puts David Alfaro in Cuba’s musical top league.