Style: Latin, Worldmusic

Origin: Cuba

Based in: Cuba
Travel party: 9 (7 musicians & 2 crew)

Line Up

William Borrego Rodriguez/ Vocal, Trombone
Lázaro Dilout / Trumpet, Vocal
Nicolás Sirgado / Bass, Vocal
Herber Méndez/ Piano, Vocal
Querol Aldana / Guitar / Tres, Vocal
Vivo Barrera / Percussion
Fabián Sirgado / Congas, Vocal

Conexión Cubana

Currently one the best of Son Cubano groups Cuba has to offer

They have been touring worldwide for many years and they are currently one of the most desirable aspiring son cubano ensembles. In Cuba, everyone knows them: but “Conexión Cubana” is loved by top-class Cuban musicians too, with its musical joy and wide variety of ideas. It’s that exuberant vivacity coupled with son cubano that makes this band so successful. Head of the band Nicolás Sirgado is one of the most popular composers and arrangers from Habana. Countless albums – and numerous TV productions – bear his name. Now, with his own project “Conexión Cubana” he is both leader and bass player. After five European concert tours together with Luis Frank under the name of “Soneros de Verdad”, he is finally joined by legendary singer William Borrego Rodriguez. In the past he worked with great artists like Pancho Amat, Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes, Diego “El Cigalo”, Barbarito Torres or Andy Montañez, and he is one of Cuba’s truly great singers.

Cd’s (former Soneros De Verdad)
2001 “a Buena Vista”
2003 “Present Rubalcaba”
2004 “El Run Run de los Soneros”
2004 “Present Pio Leiva”
2007 “Rubalcaba Pio Leiva y Luis Frank”
2010 “Present Musica Cubana”
2012 “2012″
2013 “Present Rubalcaba y Cesar Pedroso”
2013 “Present Mayito Rivera”
2013 “Un Dos Tres Soneros”
2014 “Amarrate”
2014 “Present Lazaro”
2015 „Viva Cuba Libre!“
2020 “La Maravilla”


Date Country City Venue Info Link
Fr. 30.07.21 Germany Berlin Freilichtbühne an der Zitadelle
We. 04.08.21 Germany München Brunnenhof
Tu. 10.08.21 Germany Wunsiedel Luisenburgfestspiele
Th. 12.08.21 Germany Bad Nauheim Trinkkuranalge
Fr. 13.08.21 Austria Wien Theater am Spittelberg
Sa. 14.08.21 Germany Bad Elster König Albert Theater
Sa. 21.08.21 Germany Bad Neustadt Festival Urlaub daheim
Sa. 28.08.21 Germany Homburg Jazz-Frühschoppen
Sa. 04.09.21 Germany Eichenzell Schloss Fasanerie
Fr. 17.09.21 Switzerland St. Gallen Bistro
Sa. 18.09.21 Switzerland Rorschach Industrie36
Su. 26.09.21 Germany Bamberg Haas-Säle
Sa. 09.10.21 Germany Arnsberg Brass Festival
Fr. 22.10.21 Switzerland Seewen Gaswerk
Sa. 23.10.21 Germany Reutlingen franzK
Tu. 26.10.21 Switzerland Wallisellen Musikfesttage
Th. 04.11.21 Germany Sonneberg Schloss Offenber
Sa. 06.11.21 Germany Offenberg Schloss
Fr. 12.11.21 Germany Westhofen GUT LEBEN am Morstein
Fr. 19.11.21 Germany Neuhaus Schafferhof