Style: Brass, Rock, Funk

Origin: Germany

Based in: Germany
Travel party: 8/9 musicans + 1 crew

Line Up

Manuel Hilleke: Trumpet, Blues Harp
Janis Hug: Trumpet
Joe Reinhuber: Tenor Saxophon
Chris Schneider:Bariton Saxophon
Thomas Weiland: Trombone
Matthew Bookert: Sousaphon
Florian Schlechtriemen: Drums
DJ Mahmut the 1st: Turntables
Katharina Münz: Guest Vocals (optional)

Marshall Cooper

Rock & Roll Brassbandsound

Marshall Cooper’s rock & roll brass band sound is both the breaking point and the glue between the well worn genres of pop, funk n’ surf, tejano, rythm ‘n’ blues, and the soundtracks of the legendary indie and exploitation films. With the combination of colossal brass, massive and trashy drums, and an occasional artifical tendency towards turntableism, the original compositions embody the uninhibited spirit and spectacle of the legendary rock bands of the 80’s and 90’s. Marshall Cooper is danceable soul food sprinkled with spicy virtuosity, ironic grace, with a unique charisma that transcends established genres.

GENRES: „Inglorious Nasty Brass“ (Rock & Rhythm, Soundtrack & Funk)


Date Country City Venue Info Link
Fr. 21.10.22 Germany Bad Reichenhall Magazin3