Style: Latin, Jazz, Worldmusic

Origin: Cuba

Touring party: 3 (2 musicians & 1 crew)
Availability: generally available

Line Up

Olvido Ruiz: Vocals, Percussion
Lázara ‚Cachao‘ López: Piano

One Night of Buena Vista

Cuban star duo guarantees an entertaining musical journey of old Cuba

The charismatic, internationally successful singer Olvido Ruiz Castellanos is one of the outstanding female voices from Cuba, a fact that many international stars have realized too. She has worked with musicians such as Bootsy Collins, the Fantastische 4 or the legendary Afrocuban All Stars. You can now experience her together with top pianist Lázara “Cachao” López, the daughter of Orlando “Cachaito” López (bass player and founding member of the original Buena Vista Social Club) – as the “One Night of Buena Vista” duo. Listeners can look forward to a fascinating mix of different styles, starting from traditional son cubano to guaracha, cha-cha-cha, danzon, bolero and many other styles. The varied, entertaining program consists of piano, vocals and light percussion. The musicians provide outstanding spontaneous, improvised additions.

Olvido Ruiz Castellanos
The charismatic artist Olvido Ruiz Castellanos from Havana, Cuba, aged only 27, can already look back on an active musical life. When she was five Olvido Ruiz made her debut as a singer on Cuban TV, accompanied by her mother, the famous Cuban diva Jaqueline Castellanos, “La Dama del son”. When she was eight she began her musical training at “Paulita Conception” the national academy of art; she studied violin, piano and choir teaching (song). This was followed by exciting years touring all over the world (including with the legendary Afrocuban All Stars). Her work with “Jam Productions” took her to Germany. Sony Music released a single with her, with the well-known theme “Chan Chan”, made famous by the Buena Vista Social Club. Wim Wenders even allowed original footage of his movie “Buena Vista Social Club” to be used for the video. The video clip was then broadcast on TV channels VIVA and MTV. Olvido Ruiz toured through Germany and Europe, making many appearances as a solo vocalist with well-known Cuban bands like “Charanga Habanera”, “Orquesta Revé”, “Azucar Negra” and many more. In recent years she was also able to work closely together with funk legend Bootsy Collins and the German hip hop heroes “die Fantastischen 4”.

Olvido is not only a passionate singer with an absolutely outstanding voice, but also a musician with diverse talents. She enchants her audience with her unique stage presence and charisma.

Lázara “Cachao” López (Piano)
At the early age of six, Lázara Cachao started to learn the piano at her own request. She studied at the renowned Escuela Nacional de Instructores de Arte in Habana (Cuba) and today she is an established major name ranking with top Cuban musicians. Cachao has accompanied famous orchestras such as the original “Buena Vista Social Club” on their world tours and stood on the stage with legendary pianists such as Rubén Gonzales. In this respect she follows in the musical footsteps of her father, Orlando “Cachaíto” López*, the famous bassist of the “Buena Vista Social Club”.

(* Orlando “Cachaíto” López became famous as the bass player and founding member of the Buena Vista Social Club band. He gained world fame through the “Buena Vista Social Club” album, produced by Ry Cooder – Grammy 1999 – and Wim Wenders’ movie of the same name, which was nominated for an Oscar. He was also a well-known soloist. In 2002 he received the “BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music” for his debut album “Cachaito”.)